dialogo sull' arte_still_cecilia white 2013

dialogo sull’ arte_still_cecilia white 2013

dialogo sull'arte 1_cecilia white 2013

dialogo sull’arte 1_cecilia white 2013


As travellers, we often think we know our expectations and what will constitute a satisfying experience: especially in art. But what happens when our set expectations meet fluid reality? How do we sense and make sense of that gap, and what else may be waiting, in expectation of us to discover it? Venice sets the scene for this challenging dialogue – a living, breathing conversation with itself, the visitor and the (un)expected space in between.

dialogo sull’arte is Cecilia White’s first large scale word and image light work, four screens video projected on 25 September 2013 onto the 3 storey wall of the old primary school in Paddington, now the College of Fine Arts. Under the umbrella of Art & About Sydney, her work is part of the group show Perspektiva 2 curated by Jamil Yamani.

dialogo sull'arte_change_cecilia white 2013

dialogo sull’arte_change_cecilia white 2013

dialogo sull'arte_2_cecilia white 2013

dialogo sull’arte_2_cecilia white 2013

dialogo sull'arte_3_cecilia white 2013

dialogo sull’arte_3_cecilia white 2013

dialogo sull'arte_4_cecilia white 2013

dialogo sull’arte_4_cecilia white 2013














ialogo sull'arte_C Block_cecilia white 2013

dialogo sull’arte_C Block_cecilia white 2013