My examination exhibition presents the essence of each of five performances exploring the relationship between breath, anxiety, wonder and our sense of self and other. Driven by global concerns about breathing, anxiety, and the often wonder-less view we have of ourselves and others, combined with my personal lived experiences I was increasingly committed to developing a compassionate and resilient space for (inter)personal ‘renaissance’, where breathing space fosters the understanding that N THING IS SET IN ST NE.

I love what performance art can do – and combined with poetry – it is confronting, raw, cruel, beautiful and life-changing. As ever, my work is quiet, unplugged and invites engagement.

I have many people to thank for their support and interest in my work towards my practice-led doctorate. A long list appears in the Acknowledgements of my thesis.

A small gathering of friends is taking place on Wednesday 26 October. Your company would be warmly welcome (see invitation below)